Sunday, June 24, 2012

Tikatok Introduction
This is a great website where students may create their own story and upload their own images to create the story.  This website is very unique because you can have students pick one of the three options to create a story: pick one that already exist and add their pictures and name to it, get help starting a new story, or start a story from scratch.  I found it cool that students can upload their drawings to the site so they can use it in their books, I find this very personal and fun.  When students are done making their book, they can buy it and have it mailed to them.  I think parents would love to have a book created by their child.

As a teacher you can add a child to your account or you can have a link to their account.  I did not see the limit for this option.  This website is free, which is a great plus for teachers.

Additional feature: you can bookmark other books that you liked.

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